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Applebees Sued for Allegedly Failing to Provide Workers with Breaks

Workers in California who believe their employers may be cheating them out of wages have the option to report the alleged violations to the California Labor and Workforce Development Agency, which can then decide whether or not to investigate the allegations. If the Agency decides not to investigate, the employee still has the option to file a lawsuit on her own.

That’s the path Taelyn L. is taking. She says she worked at an Applebee’s restaurant run by Apple American Group LLC, which is the largest franchisee of Applebee’s. It has about 480 restaurants in 23 different states and employs over 31,000 people. The company was started in 1998 and it’s sales have continued to grow every year since. Last year they reported annual sales of $1.2 billion.

Businesses that hire employees in different states across the country need to be aware of the different labor laws in each state, as well as the federal labor laws. California labor law, for example, requires employers to provide all their hourly workers with a paid rest break lasting at least ten minutes for every four hours worked. For every five hours of work, employees are entitled to an unpaid, uninterrupted meal break of at least half an hour. For every day one of these breaks is not taken, the employee is entitled to one hour’s worth of wages, in addition to all wages and bonuses earned that day.

Because Taelyn was working for Apple American Group in California, she was entitled to these breaks, but she alleges she and her co-workers were not permitted to take them. Apple American Group allegedly sometimes required its workers to waive their breaks at the beginning of their shifts and allegedly failed to compensate them for the missed breaks as required by law. Taelyn further alleges she and her coworkers were not permitted to leave the premises during break times.

Taelyn further alleges her employer failed to provide them with accurate itemized wage statements. Employers are required by law to provide workers with accurate wage statements that detail the employee’s hourly wage, the number of hours worked, the total wages paid, and any deductions, such as taxes and health insurance.

Taelyn alleges she complained about these violations directly to Apple American Group as well as the California Labor Workforce Development Agency. Neither has done anything to change the situation so Taelyn has decided to take matters into her own hands and file a wage and hour class action lawsuit against her former employer.

Taelyn is filing the lawsuit on behalf of herself, as well as all other similarly situated current and former employees of Apple American Group. Her proposed class will consist of all nonexempt employees who worked for Apple American Group any time within one year before the date on which Taelyn first reported her complaints to the California Labor and Workforce Development Agency.

The class action wage and hour lawsuit is seeking up to three years of back wages plus civil penalties of $50 for the first violation of California employment laws and $100 for each successive violation.

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