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Pink Poodle Accused of Alleged Illegal Overtime Violations By 11 Dancers


Employers are always looking for ways to get the most out of their workers, and sometimes this means resorting to illegal measures. One common way for companies to take advantage of their employees is by classifying them as independent contractors, rather than employees of the company. Under the relevant labor law, employees can only be classified as independent contractors if they meet certain requirements. These requirements include things like being able to make their own hours, choosing the location where they work, and working without a dress-code determined by the employer.

Classifying workers as independent contractors works out well for employers, because then the companies don’t have to pay benefits such as Social Security or health insurance for those employees. Strippers are particularly vulnerable to being mislabeled as independent contractors, even when they don’t meet the requirements for that position. In many cases, dance clubs even require the dancers to pay the club in order to dance there, put their tips into a tip pool, and punish dancers who complain.

The courts have recently seen a surge in wage and hour lawsuits dealing with the misclassification of exotic dancers and judges have been ruling in favor of the dancers. In one class action lawsuit filed in New York in 2012, the court ordered the owner of an adult nightclub to pay back wages to 1,900 dancers who had worked for the club over a three-year period. Another class of dancers who filed a wage and hour lawsuit against Spearmint Rhino won a $13 million settlement for unpaid wages and overtime.

The most recent lawsuit to reach the courts alleging that a dance club has been abusing its dancers was filed against Pink Poodle by 11 of the club’s former dancers. The lawsuit alleges that the club failed to pay dancers minimum wage or overtime, as required by law, and that dancers often had to pay the club in order to dance there.

The 11 dancers have a combined 57 years of dancing at Pink Poodle, which works out to an average of a little more than five years for each employee. If the dancers are successful, the club could end up paying millions in back wages and unpaid overtime.

The lawsuit further alleged that the dance club did not pay any wages at all to some workers and that the club would often “threaten retaliation” to any dancers who complained about the work environment there.

Gregory Douglas, the attorney who is representing the dancers in their wage and hour lawsuit, said that many of the dancers didn’t even know they were being taken advantage of. Some of them reported collecting up to half a million dollars a year in tips and did not think they had grounds for a lawsuit against their employer. This is very common, according to Douglas, especially in strip clubs where “some very big, sophisticated companies have violations of the California Labor Code.”

This is why it is so important for employees to understand their rights under the relevant labor law. Companies that take advantage of their workers rely on their employee’s ignorance of everything that they are entitled to under the law.
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