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Coach Interns Sue in Class Action for Unpaid Wages

Although the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) guarantees fair wages for all employees working within the United States, the Act does provide certain exceptions. Interns, for example, can work without compensation, so long as they are in a learning environment while on the job.

According to a recent class action wage and hour lawsuit, Coach allegedly classified some of its employees as interns in order to avoid paying them the wages they were earning. Johnetta Campbell, who filed the lawsuit, worked for Coach from January 2012 through March 2012, during which time she would typically work five days a week, up to eight hours a day. She alleges that Coach has been illegally withholding pay from her and other employees since July 2008.

According to the wage and hour lawsuit, Campbell and other employees were hired by Coach to create trend boards, research new trends and fabrics, work in the warehouse, and perform other various tasks. As a result, Campbell alleges that Coach’s practice of refusing to pay them for the work that they performed is in direct violation of New York labor law. According to Campbell, Coach allegedly began classifying employees as interns in order to minimize labor costs and retain a higher profit value.

Both New York labor law and the U.S. Department of Labor provide criteria for interns that do not need to be paid. These requirements include:

  • The training is comparable to what the intern would receive in an educational program;
  • The training benefits the intern by imparting skills and knowledge of the business;
  • The intern does not take the place of regular employees and works only under close supervision;
  • The activities of interns do not provide an immediate advantage to the employer;
  • The interns are not necessarily entitled to a job after their training period has ended, and are free to take jobs elsewhere in the same field;
  • The interns are notified, in writing, that they will not receive any wages and are not considered employees for minimum wage purposes;
  • Any clinical training is performed under the supervision and direction of people who are experienced in that activity;
  • The interns do not receive employee benefits, such as health insurance;
  • The training is general and qualifies interns to work in any similar business in the industry;
  • Advertisements, postings, or solicitations for the internship program clearly discuss the educational benefits rather than employment, although employers may indicate that qualified graduates may be considered for employment.

Since the Great Recession hit our economy a few years ago, employers have been looking for ways to cut corners and keep their profits up. All too often, this means that they look for ways to increase output from their workers, while simultaneously finding ways to pay them less, or not pay them at all. Many employees tolerated this while the job market was crashing, for fear of being unable to find another job. Now that the economy has stabilized, employees have begun speaking out against abusive employers and bringing their claims to the courts.

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