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Call Center Employees of T-Mobile Sue for Unpaid Overtime


As this blog has discussed, it is important for employers, not only to make sure their workers get paid overtime, but that their overtime rate is properly calculated. If an employee receives any sort of commission or bonus, those need to be included when calculating the employee’s overtime rate of pay.

T-Mobile is currently facing a class-action lawsuit of call center employees who allege that their overtime was improperly calculated. The complaint, which was filed in the United States District Court in Nashville, was brought by six call center employees who worked in T-Mobile’s call center in Nashville, Tennessee and Colorado Springs, Colorado.

The complaint alleges that “T-Mobile violated the FLSA by failing to include several payments in their “regular rate of pay when calculating overtime compensation. Plaintiffs allege that this has resulted in the plaintiffs being routinely underpaid for overtime work. These payments include shift differentials, queue differentials, gross-up payments, and all non-cash bonuses and awards made in connection with T-Mobile’s incentive program for call center employees, such as Do More Get More, points at an in-house store, Inner Circle, and products.”

The complaint further alleges that T-Mobile call center employees have been required to perform work before the beginning of their shifts, after the end of their shifts, and during their legally mandated meal breaks. According to the lawsuit, these duties include “booting up computer programs, reading company emails and memoranda, etc.”
T-Mobile, on the other hand, denies that it requires or even permits hourly call center employees to work off-the-clock.

The plaintiffs encourage anyone who worked at a T-Mobile call center anywhere in the United States at any time since December 5, 2008 to join the class. The affected titles include Customer Service Representative, Customer Service Representative II, Retention Representative, Technical Support Representative, Financial Service Representative, Financial Care Representative, among other related occupations.

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