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Call Center Employee Files Class Action Against Verizon


Verizon is now facing a lawsuit from two former employees of their Elgin, IL call center. Linda Wawrzaszek and Tina Robison allege that Verizon failed to pay its call center employees for all time worked, including regular time and overtime. The two plaintiffs allege that Verizon regularly required its call center employees to work more than 40 hours per week. Allegedly, Verizon knowingly required its employees to perform work before the beginning and after the end of their shift, without payment. This work included time spent booting up and shutting down computers, initializing and closing down software programs, and reviewing work-related e-mails and intranet messages.

Allegedly, Verizon required its employees to arrive prior to their scheduled shifts in order to be ready to provide customer service when their shifts began and to close out of their system after their shift had ended. If call center employees were not ready and willing to provide customer service by the beginning of their shift, their performance scores could be negatively affected. Verizon allegedly did not pay them for the time required to perform these tasks before and after their shifts, nor did they have a process or procedure whereby the employees could recover this time spent working.

The plaintiffs are sure that Verizon is aware of the unpaid time because several employees allegedly complained to management about it. Furthermore, Verizon has already been subject to several lawsuits for similar uncompensated work activities. Currently there is one ongoing case in California and one in Georgia, both regarding unpaid time for call center employees.

The plaintiffs allege that the time spent on these required, unpaid tasks, amounts to between 10 and 20 minutes per day per person. With this time added to their scheduled shift hours, call center employees worked more than 40 hours per week, but they were never paid overtime.

The class is defined as everyone employed by Verizon in Illinois as hourly call center employees providing customer service or support at any time during the applicable three year statute of limitations. While the exact number of potential class participants has yet to be determined, the plaintiffs believe that there are several hundred individuals who satisfy the class requirements.

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