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Class Action for Temporary Workers Filed for Allegedl Failure to Pay Vacation Pay


Paying your employees all of their earned wages is not always enough. Companies also need to ensure that each employee is provided with written notice of all hours worked, as well as wages earned, in order to be in full cooperation with the law. Workers of a warehouse in Will County, Illinois have filed suit against, Prologistix, the company that employs them, for allegedly cheating the workers out of earned wages.

The employees have been working in a Kraft/Cadbury warehouse in Joliet. They claim that they worked hard to make sure Kraft got the products they needed to the shelves on time. However, despite their hard work, the lawsuit alleges that workers were denied their vacation pay and were never given written notifications of their wage rates.

Warehouse Workers for Justice, a Chicago-based organization, is aiding the warehouse workers in their lawsuit. A report released last year by the Warehouse Workers for Justice showed that 63% of warehouse workers are temporary employees, earning poverty wages and few benefits.

Abraham Mwaura, a coordinator for Warehouse Workers for Justice, says that the “perma-temp issue … is what it really comes down to. When you have that many temps, it just opens it up for abuse.”

Prologistix denies the allegations, saying that its treatment of its workers has always been consistent with federal and state laws.

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