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Interpublic Group Settles Wage Claims Alleging Workers Pressured to Work Charitable and Promotional Events Without Pay — Our Chicago Unpaid Overtime Attorneys Bring Suite Against Companies That Don’t Pay Workers For Charitable or Promotional Events


Companies will sometimes use the threat of limiting an employee’s future in order to pressure the employee. That does not however, make the company’s behavior any more legal. According to a class-action lawsuit brought to court in California, Interpublic Group allegedly did just that.

Employees were allegedly required to “volunteer” at events after their shifts had ended with neither overtime compensation nor breaks, both of which employers are required by the state of California to provide. If employees did not “volunteer” they were allegedly told that it would “negatively affect their ability to advance their careers.”

Interpublic Group has agreed to pay $327,000 to settle the suit and a judge has preliminarily approved the settlement. Of that money, $20,000 will go to Daniel Malakhov, a former account coordinator for Rogers & Crown and the original plaintiff in the suit. According to court documents, Malakhov has had to leave the PR industry as a result of the publicity of the lawsuit.

Although Malakhov did not personally witness similar behavior at other Interpublic Group firms, a study conducted by the Cullen firm allegedly found that similar pressures to work overtime without compensation were found at other Interpublic agencies. Due to the findings of the study, employees at other Interpublic firms have been deemed eligible for financial compensation.

In addition to Malakhov, the settlement will to go employees at Rogers & Crown, PMK-BMC, the Axis Agency, GolinHarris, and Weber Shandwick. The class consists of 329 California employees whose jobs range from account coordinator to administrative assistant and have worked in those roles since June 30, 2007. The deadline for class members to file a claim is April 11 and the final approval of the settlement is expected to take place on May 23.

As a condition of the settlement, Interpublic Group is not admitting any wrongdoing.

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