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Coyote Ugly Sued For Alleged Illegal Tip Pools and Failure to Pay Overtime


This blog has previously discussed cases where employees sue, not only for unpaid overtime, but for money lost in illegal tip pools. According to the labor law, employees are entitled to the full benefit of the tips they earn and cannot be induced to share that money with other employees.

One company, which has recently been taken to court for this alleged illegal practice, is Coyote Ugly Saloon Development Corp. The class-action lawsuit was filed in Tennessee Middle District Court but now involves current and former employees of the company from all over the country. The plaintiffs are suing for unpaid overtime as well as an illegal tip pool.

According to the lawsuit, security guards for the company were permitted to claim five percent of the tips earned by the other employees, such as bartenders. Certain security personnel were permitted to claim 10 percent of the tip pool if they served as “barbacks” (if they assisted bartenders, restocked the bars, and cleaned the counters). The company argues that the security guards fulfill an important role in assisting clients and promoting the overall theme of the bar. In this way, the company claims, the security personnel earn their share of the tips. The bartenders disagree.

Now the plaintiffs are claiming retaliation from their employer as a result of their involvement in the lawsuit. Such retaliation is also prohibited by law. One of the plaintiffs, Sarah Stone, who served as a bartender-dancer at the Coyote Ugly facility in Oklahoma City, alleges that one of the regional managers threatened her in a status updated to his Facebook page. The manager, Daniel Huckaby, admitted to being intoxicated on the night that he posted the alleged threat on Facebook. He says he has no memory of putting up the post.

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