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SoulCyle Sued By Instuctors in Overtime Class Action


Employers must be vigilant in ensuring that their hourly employees are paid for all of the time they spend doing work-related activities. SoulCycle, which is known for its cardio-heavy 45-minute workout classes, is about to pay for neglecting to do this, according to a new lawsuit.

A former instructor for the fitness company, Nick Oram, alleges that they only paid their instructors for the time spent teaching classes. Instructors were also allegedly expected to train, develop routines, attend meetings, and create playlists but they were allegedly not paid for any of the time spent doing that work. The lawsuit claims that these pay practices are not consistent with the pay requirements as put forth by California and New York labor law.

Oram said in a statement that his goal in the lawsuit is “to ensure that SoulCycle pays all of the hard working and dedicated instructors what they deserve and compensates them fairly for all hours worked.”

SoulCycle denies the allegations. A spokesperson for the company said, “We strongly believe that the compensation and the benefits we provide to our team are amongst the best in the industry and that we are in full compliance with the law.”

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