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Learn About Your Rights to Stop Wage Theft and Unpaid Overtime

If you believe you might be part of a class of employees forced to work off the clock or have othewise been denied overtime pay or were paid under the minimum wage, the attorneys at the Chicago Overtime Law Center may be able to help your pursue your own overtime class action. For a free consultation on your rights as an employee contact us today.

Our worker and employee rights lawyers handle individual and class action wage claim and other employee and consumer rights cases that government agencies and public interest law firms such as the Department of Labor may decide not pursue. Class action lawsuits our lawyers have spear-headed have led to substantial awards totalling over a million dollars to organizations including the National Association of Consumer Advocates, the National Consumer Law Center, and local law school consumer programs.

Our Melrose Park and Chicago fair labor and unpaid overtime lawyers and attorneys provide assistance in wage claims, and employment rights cases including in Illinois and throughout the country. You can click here to see a description of the some of the many individual and class-action consumer cases we have handled. You can contact one of our Chicago area employee rights lawyer by filling out the contact form at the side of this blog or by clicking here. You can also telephone us and leave a message to arrange for a free consultation by calling (312) 869-409