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Meeting with Members of a Class Action Found Improper


Once a lawsuit has been filed, some employers will try to find ways out of the legal mess they have created for themselves. Often, this only leads to a bigger mess. Such is the case with Schneider Logistics, a contractor for Wal-Mart.

After a group of employees filed a class-action lawsuit against the company, employees were reportedly called into meetings with company officials and the company’s attorneys. The attorneys allegedly interviewed the workers about their working conditions in the warehouse. The employees were allegedly told that these meetings were voluntary, yet they were allegedly asked to sign legal documents at the conclusion of their session. They were also allegedly not told that any information they gave during these meetings could be used against them in their lawsuit against Schneider Logistics.

The lawsuit at issue here was filed in 2012 and involves allegations of unpaid overtime as a result of an alternative workweek schedule, and violations of meal and rest break provisions.

United States District Court Judge Christina Snyder determined that these meetings were “fundamentally misleading and deceptive”. When reaching this decision, she cited the fact that Schneider never informed employees that their signed statements could be used against them in court. She therefore banned Schneider Logistics from using the employees’ signed statements in the lawsuit. The company is also barred from further communication with employees involved in the lawsuit unless it has permission from the court.

Schneider has reportedly accepted the judge’s ruling without dispute.

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