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Unpaid Overtime Class Action Brought Against NYPD


Overtime issues can be particularly difficult for those on a tight budget. Overtime hours are difficult to foresee and to make room for in the budget. As a result, many employers try to find ways to avoid paying their employees overtime.

A class action against the City of New York, on behalf of current and former employees of the New York Police Department (NYPD), has recently been settled for $20 million. The case, initially filed against the City in 2004 by Ed Mullins, president of the Sergeants Benevolent Association (SBA), challenged the City as to how the department had been computing and paying overtime since April 2001.

The City actually won the case in 2008, but Mullins and the SBA appealed that decision and won. Both parties had been gearing up for a trial to determine the amount of damages but the attainment of a settlement has negated the necessity for such a trial. It has been determined though, that tens of thousands of overtime hours have gone unpaid for more than a decade. Now, 4,304 current and former officers with the NYPD will share in the settlement, although it is not clear if some of the proceeds will go to court costs and legal fees.

Legal Counsel for the City of New York said the settlement was in the best interests of the City. Mullins, on the other hand, called the settlement “long overdue”.

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