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Paying for Work Piece by Piece Violates Overtime and Minimum Wage Laws


You may think that paying employees by the number of garments they make (“piecework”) died at the beginning of the twentieth century but that turns out not to be the case. Despite the federal requirements for paying employees either a salary or by the hour, some garment companies are still paying their employees by the piece.

The most recent company to come under scrutiny for this illegal employment practice is O & K Apparel Inc. The company was recently ordered by Julie Su, the California Labor Commissioner, to pay $113,000 to its 110 employees in overtime wages. Additionally, the company is to pay $61,450 in penalties and $307,250 for issuing improper itemized/deduction statements.

California labor code requires garment manufacturers to provide accurate itemized statements showing total hours worked by the employee. If the employee is paid by the piece, then the statement must reflect both the number of pieces produced as well as the total number of hours worked.

Labor Commissioner Su said in a statement, “Piece rate payment cannot be used as an end-run around the basic requirement that all workers … receive a just day’s pay for a hard day’s work, including overtime pay for overtime hours worked. In addition, California law requires itemized wage statements so employees know how much they worked and what they earned. In this case, the pay stubs did not include any of that information, which makes it hard for workers to know when their wages are being stolen right out from under them.”

City Wide Insulation of Madison and Walmart are also among the companies that have come under fire for allegedly illegally paying their employers by the piece and refusing to pay overtime. City Wide Insulation was made to pay about $19,000 to each of its employees and the Walmart lawsuit is still pending. Hopefully, with more lawsuits like these, the era of employees being paid piecework will truly come to an end.

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