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P.J. Clarke’s Sued In Class Action For Unpaid Overtime Claims


Although the matter of overtime would appear to be a fairly cut-and-dried issue, it is surprising how many employees and employers disagree on the topic. Most recently, a former bartender of the famous P. J. Clarke’s in New York City has filed a class action lawsuit against the restaurant for allegedly requiring him to work overtime without paying him overtime hours.

According to the former bartender, Michael Nielsen, the class could consist of hundreds of current and former employees of the restaurant, all of whom were subject to the same unfair treatment. Allegedly, this includes unfairly deducting meal costs and forcing employees to over-report tips in order to avoid an IRS audit.

Nielsen worked for P. J. Clarke’s for five years and claims that his Saturdays began with a 7-hour shift at the 128-year-old bar and then raced across town for a 9-hour shift at the spin-off location in Lincoln Square. He says he regularly worked over 60 hours per week and was never paid overtime for it. Nielsen says he has been a bartender for more than two decades and has “never seen anything like this”.

P. J. Clarke’s denies any wrongdoing, saying that Nielsen is a disgruntled employee who was fired for failing to regularly report his tips. Phil Scott, the owner, said they can bring up Nielsen’s sales and how much he declared and “it will become obvious”.

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