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Exotic Dancer Wage and Tip Claim Class Action Settles


This blog recently discussed a case in which exotic dancers filed a class action lawsuit against their employer for allegedly misclassifying them as independent contractors, rather than employees. The case also claims that, although the dancers made nearly $50,000 per year in tips, the club allegedly forced them to put their tips into a “tip pool” which illegally included employees such as managers and bouncers.
The settlement of nearly $13 million for that case has recently been approved by a federal court. It took nearly two years for lawyers to prove that the case fairly and properly represented all dancers in the class. Now that the settlement has been approved, it includes an agreement that the lawyers on each side will not discuss the case for at least six months.

With the settlement finalized, each of the 14 dancers who agreed to participate as named plaintiffs in the case will receive an “incentive award” of $1,000 to $15,000 each. This is to reward them for the time they spent on the case and for the personal and professional risks they took in allowing their names to be used.

The rest of the $12.97 million settlement will be divided up among dancers in six states who filed claims. After attorney fees and incentive awards are deducted, dancers in California will get 50.14% of the money remaining, those in Nevada will get 42.69%, and 7.16% will go to dancers in Kentucky, Idaho, Texas, and Florida.

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