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Class Action Filed Against Hewlett-Packard For Unpaid Overtime Claims for Allegedly Misclassifying Employees as Managers


Despite the numerous warnings against companies misclassifying employees, it is still an occurrence which, unfortunately, continues to happen all too often. Most recently, a class action lawsuit was filed against Hewlett-Packard Company (HP) for misclassifying its technical support workers as exempt. As a result, these employees were not properly paid for the overtime hours they worked. HP employs thousands of technical support workers nationwide, many of whom worked at smaller companies, such as Autonomy, Palm, Electronic Data Systems, 3Com, and 3PAR, all of which were companies that were acquired by HP.

The Federal Labor Standards Act provides that employees may be considered exempt from overtime if they have a salary of $23,600 and their work is of a “professional”, “administrative”, or “executive” character. In order to fit into the “professional” category, the employee must have specialized education or skills (such as a doctor or lawyer). For the “administrative” category, an employee would do office work related to general business operations. For the “executive” category, an employee must have a managerial role and have a part in hiring and overseeing other workers. An employee who does not fit into any of these categories cannot legally be classified as exempt from overtime pay.
HP’s technical support employees work under a variety of titles. These titles include Technical Solutions Consultants, Technical Solutions Representatives, Technical Support Engineers, and Senior Technical Support Engineers, as well as others responsible for installing, maintaining, and/or supporting computer software and hardware.

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