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The National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) grants all employees working in the U.S. the right to file any claims against their employer as a class action or collective action lawsuit. These types of lawsuits allow many employees with similar complaints against their employer to combine their claims into one large lawsuit. In doing so many employee complaints can come to the attention of the courts and the public that would not otherwise have that chance. Many employees aren’t aware of all their rights under the law, and even if they are aware, their complaints tend to be too small to justify the expense of filing an individual lawsuit.

On the other side of the spectrum is arbitration, which was initially designed for businesses to settle legal disputes among themselves outside of court. Arbitration is handled by an arbitrator who is supposed to be fair and unbiased, but the reality is not always so ideal. Arbitrators are in business to make money and can potentially be biased towards the party that brings them a lot of business, even if they’re unaware of that bias. Arbitration is private (neither the claims nor the results are made public), offers no explanation for the ruling, no opportunity to appeal the decision, and no class actions or collective actions.

Companies have increasingly been including arbitration agreements in their employment contracts to prevent their employees from filing class action lawsuits. Employee advocacy groups have argued these agreements unfairly burden employees by preventing most employees from being able to file any claims against their employer. Continue reading