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It’s common for employers to screen job candidates for indications of a criminal history before offering to hire them. Many people who have been convicted of a crime are automatically disqualified for jobs, regardless of the crime they committed or how the rest of their history shows they’ve made active strides in amending their mistakes and moving on to become better citizens.

Unfortunately, people of color (primarily African Americans and Latinos) are more frequently incarcerated and charged with crimes (especially violent crimes and those relating to drugs) than their white counterparts, despite representing a significantly smaller portion of the population.

According to a recent civil rights class action lawsuit against Target Corp., the retail giant’s background check on job candidates allegedly resulted in employment discrimination against Latinos and African Americans. The class of plaintiffs included more than 41,000 Latino and African-American candidates who were denied employment at Target as a result of a criminal background screening that Target used between May 2008 and December 2016.

Target has since reached a settlement with the class of plaintiffs for $3.7 million, although it’s not clear how many of the plaintiffs will be receiving a piece of that pie.

As part of the settlement agreement, Target has also agreed to provide priority hiring rights to Latinos and African Americans who applied for jobs at Target starting May 11, 2006, but was denied based on their criminal background checks. For the plaintiffs who can’t benefit from that particular provision because they’ve retired or they have a military, medical, or family obligations, they will be eligible to receive up to $1,000 in compensation. Continue reading