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It’s common for employers to ask job candidates about their work history and salary requirements, but what about when companies start asking about a candidate’s salary history? Is that legal?

The difference between salary requirement and salary history is that a salary requirement is a compensation you are asking for the job for which you are applying, whereas salary history refers to what you were paid in previous positions. A potential employer asking for your salary requirement is perfectly fair and legal, but asking for your salary history is another matter entirely.

Women’s rights advocates have long pointed out the unfairness of gender discrimination when it comes to how much employers are willing to pay their workers, and they say the problem often starts with asking candidates what they earned in previous positions. Since payment disparities between the genders have existed for decades, using a candidate’s salary history to determine how much they should be paid in a new position is often just a way to perpetuate that disparity. Many cities and states across the country have started prohibiting employers from asking candidates about their salary history for that very reason. Continue reading