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It’s confusing. Not only do employers need to be aware of all the federal, state, county, and city laws that apply to their business, but they also need to keep up when those laws change – which is pretty much constantly. For this post, we’ve compiled some of the most significant changes to employment law that have recently gone into effect.

Sexual Harassment Policies

This is less a change in the law than a change in the culture. The Illinois Human Rights Act of 2013 made sexual harassment in the workplace illegal, and also made it illegal for employers to retaliate against workers who file a sexual harassment claim against them. Nevertheless, most women have long been intimidated into staying quiet about any unwanted advances or sexual violence, and most companies had an unwritten policy of protecting those who committed acts of sexual violence, especially when they held high-level positions.

But 2018 has seen that change in a big way and companies that fail to properly address allegations of sexual misconduct are going to pay the price. More and more women have been empowered to speak up about their experiences and naming their accusers – and the companies who covered it up.

Many of these allegations are not isolated incidents. Instead, victims claim their workplace fostered an environment that encouraged sexually aggressive behavior, and making such claims publicly can hurt their employer’s business and their brand. The result is a heavy cost they’ll have to pay in lost business for months, or even years. So companies would do well to get ahead of any potential problems, not only by updating their workplace conduct policies, but by training staff on appropriate workplace behavior, instituting regular retraining, and making it easy for those who have been attacked to file a claim. Continue reading