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Many children have big dreams of growing up to become a professional athlete and get paid millions of dollars to play their favorite sport. For baseball players, the best way to get into the major leagues is by playing in the minor leagues, which acts as a feeder system on which the major league clubs rely to get their newest star players.

But the minor league players don’t see anywhere near the amount of money the major league players make, despite the fact that they work just as hard as, if not harder than, those playing in the major leagues. According to a recent class action lawsuit filed against Major League Baseball (MLB) and Minor League Baseball (MiLB), minor league players allegedly worked more than 50 hours a week on a regular basis during the season, and yet some of them were paid as little as $1,100 per month.

The MLB insists the players don’t have a case – that the number of hours each player spent working varies too much to justify a class action lawsuit, and that baseball players don’t qualify as hourly workers under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Continue reading