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There are many different forms of discrimination happening every day all over the country, but no one ever wants to believe they’re the target of discrimination. It’s common for people to attribute unfair or disrespectful treatment to their own failings, or maybe other circumstances of which they may not be aware. It takes a lot for someone to file a discrimination lawsuit, but Julianne Taaffe and Kathryn Moon finally hit their limit.

The two women, now in their sixties, have been teaching English as a second language at Ohio State University to students from 40 countries since 1983. Normally, one would consider having decades of experience under their belt something to be proud of, but when a new program director took over in 2009, the women began to suspect that their talents weren’t being valued.

According to the employment discrimination lawsuit, the new program director allegedly disparaged Taaffe, Moon, and other veterans in their department, while promoting workers who were younger and less experienced.

At first, the women thought they were doing something wrong, but they both consistently received stellar reviews of their work. It wasn’t until 2010, when their boss sent an email to an acquaintance at another university bemoaning the fact that he had to deal with workers who were averse to change, many of them over 50 years old and contemplating retirement. Then he allegedly compared them to hippos. When he sent it, he accidentally copied a member of his own staff. Continue reading