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Class Action Challenges Starbucks Including Shift Supervisors in Barista Tip Pools

Tip pooling can be an effective way to make sure that everyone who helps customers gets a share of the tips given, particularly in coffee shops where customers are often helped by multiple people to get a single cup of coffee. However, as this blog has mentioned, companies need to be careful to make sure all managers are excluded from the tip pool.

Starbucks has been dealing with a class action lawsuit filed by and on behalf of its Massachusetts baristas. The lawsuit claims that shift supervisors cannot legally be included in a tip pool because they are managers which are, by definition, excluded from tip pools under Massachusetts law.

According to Starbucks though, the shift supervisors are wait staff, rather than managers, and that the only substantial difference between shift supervisors and baristas is that baristas are part-time hourly employees while shift supervisors are full-time salaried employees.

These claims were rejected however and the baristas were granted class status in February of 2011 when a judge ruled that shift supervisors have at least some managerial responsibilities. Because of these duties, they are ineligible for the tip pool under the Massachusetts statute. The class includes everyone who worked as a barista at Starbucks in the state of Massachusetts from March 25, 2004 to February 8, 2011.

Starbucks continues to dispute this ruling, saying that, unlike managers, neither baristas nor shift supervisors have the authority to compel obedience if a co-worker disobeys a direction or request. Starbucks has also pointed out that the representatives of the class do not properly represent those employees who were baristas during the class period but have since been promoted to shift supervisors and are currently reaping the benefits of the tip pool.

Despite these arguments, Judge Gorton of the District of Massachusetts awarded $14.1 million to the class. Starbucks has recently appealed that decision in the U. S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit where it is awaiting review.

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