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Uber Class-Action Lawsuit: What’s at Stake



What is at stake for Uber and its so called “independent contractor” drivers in new class action lawsuit if they are found to be employees?The attorneys at Chicago Overtime Law Center have decades of experience litigating wage and hour cases, including overtime, vacation pay, meal breaks, and tips against on demand companies like Uber, Pest elimination server providers, Banks, Mortgage Brokerage, Real-Estate Brokerages, financial services companies and private security firms. We have offices conveniently located in Oak Brook and Chicago, Illinois. Contact the Rolling Meadows and Arlington Hts. overtime lawyers and attorneys at the Chicago Overtime Law Center today at 312-869-4095. We are looking to represent various specialists such as pest elimination personnel, financial advisor associates, appraisers, loan and mortgage brokers who have not been paid overtime and have been mis-classified as managers or independent contractors.