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Family Dollar Reaches Preliminary Settlement of Overtime Suit Brought By Store Managers

While, to some employers, having managers and hourly workers work side-by-side, performing the same tasks, might sound like a good thing – a sign of teamwork. However, if the managers perform this work for more than forty hours a week and are not paid overtime, the employer could find themselves in court.

This happened with Family Dollar whose store managers allege that they have been forced to work extreme overtime hours (sometimes as much as 100 hours per week). Often they were allegedly performing the tasks of hourly workers such as cleaning toilets and sweeping floors. These were tasks allotted to hourly workers and the hourly employees would have been paid overtime for staying late to complete these tasks. However, because the store managers were paid a salary, they received no overtime pay for these extra hours.

Family Dollar says they have now reached a preliminary settlement with the class. A spokesman for the company has said that Family Dollar will go no higher than $14 in a settlement and that settlement terms are not final. The settlement still requires court approval and that process has not yet begun.

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